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  • NFT Mutant Ape by Sparklee

NFT Mutant Ape by Sparklee

January 4th, 2022

NFT Mutant Ape by Sparklee

NFT “A very rare and very mutant ape with a flower on its head”
generated by AI and programmed by Sparklee.

“The mind is a monkey, hopping around from thought to thought, image to image.
Rarely do more than a few seconds go by in which the mind can remain single-pointed, empty.”
Dani Shapiro

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AI Art Generator Parameters

Runtime environment

NVIDIA-SMI 495.44       Driver Version: 460.32.03    CUDA Version: 11.2

GPU  Name Persistence-M   Model Imagenet 16384
  • Text: Monkey by Roger Law
  • Initial image: Happy Monkey
  • Interval Image: 10
  • Interations: 2090

About the Author

Chris P. Wacławek. Graphic & Photographer & Sailor. He is passionate about new technologies, including Virtual Reality and machine learning, fascinated by futurology and crypto markets. He was born in the year of birth of Virtual Reality and the first human walk on the moon. Sparklee is also Google Street View Recommended Photographer with over 3 million views of VR photos in Google Street View.

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