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  • Jurek Owsiak by Pablo Picasso

Jurek Owsiak by Pablo Picasso

January 20th, 2022

Jurek Owsiak by Pablo Picasso
NFT Jurek Owsiak by Pablo Picasso

NFT – Jurek Owsiak’s digital painting, generated by Artificial Intelligence by Pablo Picasso.

The size of 2400×2400 px allows you to print the work as a good quality image up to approx. 40×40 cm.

On the film you can see about 1,550 interactions, of which we have selected only one painting to be auctioned by “Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy” in 2022.

The work in question was minted in the form of NFT on on 20.01.2022.
In view of the above, you will receive a unique NFT token that can be put on the WOŚP auction again next year.

In addition, when you reach the auction price of PLN 1,000,
You will receive:

  • Your individual NFT, name and photo in cover of “Time for Bitcoin Magazine” in the February 2022 issue.
  • 50 FraniOla tokens (FAO), collectable rather than speculative (similar to Shiba Inu or Dogecoin).

>>Charity Auction on WOŚP

Time for Bitcoin Magazine
>>Auction on WOŚP

>>See on on full resolution

About the Author

Chris P. Wacławek. Graphic & Photographer & Sailor. He is passionate about new technologies, including Virtual Reality and machine learning, fascinated by futurology and crypto markets. He was born in the year of birth of Virtual Reality and the first human walk on the moon. Sparklee is also Google Street View Recommended Photographer with over 3 million views of VR photos in Google Street View.

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